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Want to sharpen your understanding of  For Hearing People Only: Fourth Edition , a handbook for beginning and intermediate Deaf Studies students, and  Beyond ASL Series , an in-depth analysis of signs not customarily included in conventional ASL textbooks? The authors will explain how you can integrate these books into your curriculum and promote a lively, creative classroom dialogue. Also we have a new book,  Deaf Reality 101 , a concise guidebook especially for laypeople and students taking non-credit courses.

BAS booksHPO-4 texts Deaf Reality 101 paperback

Who are we?

Dr. Cynthia A. Synders (left), Chair of Vicennes University’s ASL Program, a veteran Deaf Studies and ASL teacher, and co-author of Beyond ASL Series.

Mr. Matthew S. Moore (right), President/Owner of MSM Productions, Ltd., Publisher of DEAF LIFE, veteran Deaf advocate, leader, and entrepreneur, and co-author of For Hearing People Only: Fourth Edition, Beyond ASL Series, and Deaf Reality 101.

Dr. Cynthia A. Sanders Matthew S. Moore

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